Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How we became a farmette...

This past April, just a few weeks before Easter, we officially become a farmette when we added chickens to our family.  With just a cat, dogs, kids and horses we could still consider ourselves somewhat urban but the chickens have pushed us over the edge and into the farmette territory.  We don't grow anything more than we can personally use  in our garden but somehow adding the chickens pushed us over the edge from being just a neighborhood home and onto being something different, something more, something we call our farmette. Over the course of this blog I'll be introducing you to all of us that reside here  and share bits and pieces of our life.  I'm a lady that loves art, kids, animals and cooking. I love to entertain and am always up for a crafty challenge.  I also love my animals and feel like the add richness and love to our family. I hope to entertain you with our antics and inspire you with ideas. I hope to make you smile and maybe try something new.  I also hope to be inspired by you. I hope this will be a welcoming friendly place for you to come and visit. Enjoy!
Here is the Henhouse behind our Barn!

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  1. Wow!! Your barn is gorgeous!!!! (So is your hen house!)