Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dogs Love Chickens!

My dogs LOVE the chickens- they think they would taste great :)  The silly chickens have absolutely no fear of the dogs through the wire of their run and come right up to see them. Every morning Monty, our Jack Russell, comes to the barn for the morning feed as he's always done, but not he doesn't come back to the house with me, He stays at the barn, trembling as he stares at the hens, until my husband arrives at walk time about an hour later.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Carrot Muffins

I LOVE these carrot muffins from Epicurious.  Easy to make and so delish.  When I stir them up they always just look like a bunch of grated carrots sprinkled with some flower and I always worry they won't bake into anything that looks like a muffin but they always come out great. One of these days I'm going to make the recipe in round pan, throw on some cream cheese icing and call it a cake, they're that good!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Puppy and the Internet

So what does a 60 pound lab mix puppy named Lily have to do with the internet you might wonder? A whole lot if she chews through the exterior cable where the internet reaches your farmette. In the middle of a phone call yesterday my phone went dead. I was talking to my Mom on her cell phone so I assumed she'd dropped the call. Ten minutes later when I went to check my email I realized my internet was out also- checked the TV- nothin there either- Darn Verizon I thought as I sat on the phone with customer service.
The next morning the technition comes out, he has to walk through a flower bed to get to my verizon box and appoligizes saying he'll try not to step on any of my flowers I tell him not to worry the dogs love that flowered and if they haven't destroyed it he won't hurt it. Two minutes later I find out why Lily has left the flowers alone, cuse she's been too busy chewing in half the verizon cable to bother with pesky flowers.
Ah puppies, gotta love em even if they do make you crazy most days.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How we became a farmette...

This past April, just a few weeks before Easter, we officially become a farmette when we added chickens to our family.  With just a cat, dogs, kids and horses we could still consider ourselves somewhat urban but the chickens have pushed us over the edge and into the farmette territory.  We don't grow anything more than we can personally use  in our garden but somehow adding the chickens pushed us over the edge from being just a neighborhood home and onto being something different, something more, something we call our farmette. Over the course of this blog I'll be introducing you to all of us that reside here  and share bits and pieces of our life.  I'm a lady that loves art, kids, animals and cooking. I love to entertain and am always up for a crafty challenge.  I also love my animals and feel like the add richness and love to our family. I hope to entertain you with our antics and inspire you with ideas. I hope to make you smile and maybe try something new.  I also hope to be inspired by you. I hope this will be a welcoming friendly place for you to come and visit. Enjoy!
Here is the Henhouse behind our Barn!